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eWallet Payment Instruction

Payment Method Available:

  • Maybank QRPay
  • TnG eWallet
  • GrabPay
  • Online Bank Transfer

    Payment Instructions:

    To make a payment by GrabPay/TnG eWallet/Maybank QR Code, please scan the following:  


    If Online Banking (CIMB, Maybank2U, PBeBank, BIMB Online etc):
    Please make a payment by Interbank Instant Transfer / DuitNow to our Maybank account as follow:  
    Payable To or Beneficiary Name: GeIT Systems
    Company Registration No.: 200703121737
    Maybank Bank Account No: 564481417637  
    And please capture the last page of your transaction as your prove of payment sent it to our WhatsApp at +6012-6113604 or Facebook Messenger  
    We greatly appreciate your efforts to ensure that payment is received in a timely matter.
    *How to Print Screen?  
    To make Print Screen work, you must save an image of what's displayed on-screen to the clipboard and then paste it into a document where it can be printed.  
    To do this, follow this procedure:
    For Microsoft Windows operating computers.
    1. Maximize the window you'd like to capture.
    2. To copy/capture the current window, hold down ALT + Print Scrn at the same time. To capture the entire screen, just press Print Scrn.
    3. Open a new document in Paint, MS Word, MS Photo Editor, or Adobe PhotoShop.
    4. Paste the screen shot by holding down CTRL and V at the same time.
    5. Print/Email the document when you're finished pasting screen shots.
    Shall you have any issue, please do WhatsApp at +6012-6113604